Lombardy and the lakes

A journey between mountains and lakes

Lombardy is a region situated in the north of the italian peninsula; the region is rich in lakes, mountains and amazing landscapes. Nowadays we count almost fifteen lakes but the biggest are lake Maggiore, lake Como and lake Garda.

Lake Maggiore


Lake Maggiore is situated between Lombardy and Piedmont and it is very famous, also thanks to its islands: the Borromee. There are three islands: isola Bella, isola Madre and isola dei Pescatori. To visit the islands you must take a ferry from the city of Stresa, in Piedmont. To have an amazing view of the lake and the surrounding mountains, you can go at the top of Mottarone. Lake Maggiore has a lot of beaches where it is possible to take a nap and swimming. Close to the beaches there are bars and restaurants where you can drink something or have an amazing dinner in front of the lake.

All around the lake, on the Piedmont side, there are a lot of little cities with medieval squares and buildings: Arona, Stresa, Meina, Belgirate, Cannero Riviera, Intra and Pallanza. One of the largest statues in the world is located in Arona: the Colossus of St. Carlo Borromeo (San Carlone), more than 35 metres tall. On the contrary, for the nature lovers, there are the Villa Taranto Botanical Gardens, close to Pallanza. To reach Piedmont from Lombardy (and vice versa), there are differents ferries services that crossing the lake. Most of the ferries depart from Laveno Mombello, Intra and Angera; from Laveno Mombello and Intra you can also load the car inside the boat.

In the east side of the lake Maggiore, in the Lombardy shore, there are some historical building like Santa Caterina del Sasso monastery, in Leggiuno, and Rocca di Angera, an amazing medieval castle. The most beautiful beaches in this side of the lake are in cities of Ispra, Caldè and Maccagno. Angera, Luino, Porto Valtravaglia and Laveno are just some of the cities you can visit on this side of the Lake Maggiore.


Lake Varese

It is a little lake compared with the others; swimming is not allowed but , for the sports lovers, there is a bicycle line all aroud the lake. The line is long about 28 km and is served by bars and places where you can relax, like Gavirate lido and Schiranna lido. There is a bicycle line also around the lake Monate, another little lake close to the lake Varese.

Lake Como

Lake Como took the name from the city of Como and it is rich in places to visit such as Bellagio, Laglio, Varenna, Cernobbio, Lecco and more. Como was also the birthplace of illustrious personages such as Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the Voltaic Pile. Como has a very nice square with medieval building and also bars and restaurants. In December, every year, the city change completely and becomes a Chrtistmas village with market stalls, open bars and Christmas lights everywhere. A lot of villas encircle the lake, a resort destination of the nobles of Lombardy since the 16th Century. 

Lake Garda

Is the biggest of the italians lakes and it marks the border between Lombardy and Veneto. This lake is famous because of its thermals parks, amusements parks (as Gardaland and Caneva world), but also borghi, castles, monuments and museums lining the lake’s shores. In Desenzano and Toscolano there are also the remains of Roman villas. Furthermore, very close to the lake there are cities as Sirmione_ with the Grotte di Catullo archaeological site and the Scaliger Castle_ and Gardone Riviera, where you can visit the Vittoriale, residence of writer Gabriele d’Annunzio.


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  1. This place sounds beautiful!

    "Mi piace"

    1. TimeToTravels ha detto:

      Yes it is. Especially during summer season.
      Write me if you are planning for a visit, I can give you some advices. 😉

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