Capri: a pearl in the middle of the sea

Have you ever been to Capri? Are you planning to? The island of Capri is situated in the gulf of Naples, in front of the Sorrento peninsula. To reach Capri you must take a boat from Amalfi or Sorrento; the trip is around one hour. The first thing that hit you is the blue of the sea and the beauty of the landscapes. To reach the top of the island, there is a funicolare (railway): you must take the ticket in the office close to the port and then put you in line to climb the funicolare.


On the top of the island you can take some pictures of the view from the Capri Na square and then take your time to explore the streets, to visit churches, to have a shopping in via Camerelle and its luxurious boutiques or to drink something in one of the bars. When you reach via Matteotti, you are close to Carthusia, one of the historical perfumery of Capri; follow the street and you will arrive at the Giardini di Augusto, where you can relax a little, enjoy the view of the sea and take amazing pictures of the famous Faraglioni di Capri.

Very close to the Giardini di Augusto, there is the famous via Krupp, with its scenic route. If you have more time, you can stay for the night and organize a tour to the Grotta Azzurra, Monte Solaro and Villa Jovis, an ancient roman palace. 🙂 Furthermore…also a dive in the blue water is a good idea.


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