When the strange man stole my money

This episode was really…emh…Unpleasant. It was something like…FAST AND FURIOUS. He was fast. And I was furious. Let’s start from the beginning. I was in Thailand, three years ago, in the amazing city of Bangkok. I was outside, walking on the streets alone (as always) and I was thinking to organize a day trip to Ayutthaya. I went to Chinatown with the boat “Chao praya express” and then I took a tuk tuk to the Hua Lampong train station. I spoke with the tuk tuk driver and I ask him how much was the ride; he said “100 bath”. Ok fine, let’s go. I reached the station in almost 5 minutes (XD) and I took the train to Ayutthaya.


When I arrived to Ayutthaya I took another tuk tuk with a guide that drove me around. After two hours visiting temples and monuments, we reached the statue of the reclining Buddha (Wat Lokayasutharam). I was looking around and taking some pictures when a strange man came very close to me and he wanted to sell me some “Buddha medals”. I said I was not interested but he insisted, so I took my wallet to gave him some coins; while I was checking my money, he saw I had some euro and he took me from my hand. He gave me 4 stupid medals and he stole me 35 euros. THIRDY FIVE!!!! Like a night in a good hotel in Thailand. I was really mad.


I finished my tour in Ayutthaya then I came back to Bangkok. I looked around the train station to find another tuk tuk driver to come back to the hotel by following the same itinerary of the morning: from the station to Chinatown. I spoke to the driver to ask the price of the ride; I was sure it was like the morning because the distance was the same, but the driver said that the price now was 150 bath instead of 100. When I asked why, his explanation was: “Because now is the rush hour, there is traffic”

AAAHHH, crazy, lovely Bangkok.


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