The italian Spritz

Do you know what Spritz is? The italian Spritz is an alcoholic long drink that we use to drink during our “aperitivo”. It was invented in the Veneto region in the twenties, during the war. Spritz, at the bars, is always served with something to eat: french fries, sandwiches, olives, salame, bread and more. It is not strong, and we usually take it when we are at the bars with friends. Did you try a Spritz? As italian I like to share the right recipe: is fast and easy to prepare and you will be satisfied.

How to prepare the Spritz

Ingredients (1 person)

  • Aperol 60 ml
  • Soda or sparkling water (not too much, just a drop)
  • Prosecco wine 90 ml
  • Orange (1/2 cloves)
  • Ice

Put the ice in a wine glass until the edge (the glass must be full of ice). Then pour the Prosecco follows by Aperol. Add some soda (or also sparkling water). Mix everything with a spoon and at the end put the orange. Easy. For the best result, Prosecco (and the Aperol too) must be cold before prepare the drink.

This is the Spritz I drunk yesterday evening in a bar close to my house. Not bad, isn’t?

Aperitivo-con-Spritz-al- Bugigattolo
Aperitivo-con-Spritz-al- Bugigattolo

Prepare your Spritz with your friends in the evening, before eat, at the happy hour time. (from 6.30 to 8 p.m.). Enjoy! 🙂

4 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. Such a refreshing drink, especially when relaxing (in Venezia on Piazza san Marco listening to the orchestras is the best)

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. TimeToTravels ha detto:

      Yes, you are right. 🙂

      Piace a 1 persona

  2. Raf ha detto:

    I lived in Venbice and my favorite spritz was with Select instead of Aperol. Select is a bitter born in Venice and locals drink it a lot. Try it, it is delicious!

    "Mi piace"

    1. TimeToTravels ha detto:

      Thank you. I will! 😀

      "Mi piace"


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