An italian traveller’s home

Every time I’m leaving for a travel, especially in an exotic place, I bought objects, clothes, postcards, maps and images that help me to remember the place I’ve been. Each object is related to a good memory, a person, a place…that’s the reason why I decorated my home with every sort of objects coming from every part of the world I visited. How looks like a traveller’s home?

Books from every part of the world

I like to read and I have books in every language I studied: french, spanish, english and italian of course…I also bought news books during my last journey in Asia.

Objects and souvenirs

As I said, I like to buy objects from each place I’ve visited: from statues to glasses, from images to postcards…each object has its place in the room and it is related to a good memory.

Friendly animals house

I love animals; I think they are part of our lives and I can’t stay without them. My house is “pet friendly”. I leave food for birds in the garden everyday. I have one big black dog, two cats, a wild little snake (hidden somewhere in the garden), lizards, snails, an hedgehog and a lot of wild birds that living in the garden. I love them all.

And you? Do you like souvenirs? Do you have a special place with all your travels memories?



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