Lebua at State Tower experience

The experience to be a VIP

During my journey in Bangkok, I decided to spent my last night in Sukhumvit, at the Lebua at State tower hotel. Sukhumwit is a high level neighborhood, a place where you can find restaurants, luxurious malls and high level hotel. The Lebua at State tower hotel, is a famous hotel in Bangkok; it appears in the Todd Philips’s movie Hangover part II. The hotel has a lot of good services, amazing suites and very good restaurants. I reserved a Tower Club suite that I paid 150 euros. The price was perfect because when you reserve a suite, you have a lot of services included: you can use the pool, you can have an amazing happy hour, the breakfast is super (almost a lunch), the view is amazing.

Tower Club suite

These are the photos I took from my Tower club suite: a big bathroom with shower and bath, fully furnished kitchen, living room, bedroom and balcony with an amazing view on Bangkok.

The way I reached the hotel was less pleasant. I was in Phuket and that day the island was hit by a monsoon: streets were flooded, cars were stucked in the traffic, people were engaged to keep clean their house. The situation was unbelivable. I lost my flight, I had to buy a new ticket to reach Bangkok and I arrived at 9 pm (instead of 2 pm.). When I entered through the front door’s hotel, I looked like an homeless: tired, smelly and wearing dirty clothes. They were a little surprised when I said I booked a suite. I was without cash after all I passed through and I was totally embarassed because I did not have money for the tips. In any case I left my credit card at the receptionist and she charged a deposit: 11.000 bath, something like 300 euros, that they gave me back when I left the room.

The view

Amazing. I cannot describe it with another word. The view from the top is super. Bangkok is huge and you can enjoy the panorama from the Lebua state Sky bar.

Restaurants and bars

I did not try the restaurants because I arrived too late in the evening and I left before noon the day after. The only thing I tried was the breakfast and the cocktail at the sky bar. Breakfast was rich in everything you wanted to eat: from coffee to orange juice, from sushi to eggs and bacon…it was a mega buffet with a big choices of food. When you finish your breakfast you are full until afternoon. To having a dinner in one of the restaurants, you must wear elegants clothes and shoes (also at the skybar).


Keep a little time to explore the Sukhumvit area, very close to the Lebua at State tower. There are shopping malls for every taste; store are amazing, streets are rich in bars and restaurants. Every place is easily reachable by undergrounds trains.

In the whole, my experience at the Lebua at State tower was amazing. I think I will come back if I had the opportunity.



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