Apericena at Fra.Mar.Tina’s

Kitchen and tradition

Fra.Mar.Tina is a little nice restaurant situated in Cocquio Trevisago (Varese). Tina is a talented chef; she can prepare a lot of amazing dishes, typical from italian tradition. She always buys fresh products to set her high-quality dishes. Everything is prepared with love and passion: an explosion between taste and creativity.

Apericena in terrazza

Every Sunday, from 6 to 8 p.m., Tina organizes the “apericena in terrazza”. Apericena is like the traditional italian “aperitivo” but with much more food to eat. When you finish the apericena you do not need to have a dinner. Here some pictures from the apericena prepared and served by Tina. Apericena in terrazza is also served during weekdays, but you must reserve it before reach the restaurant.

Food for everyone

Tina prepares always new dishes, for every taste. She changes her menù in base of the season. She can prepare also special dishes if you have allergies or intolerances. Seafoods and cruditè are the MUST. Sometimes, Tina organizes a kind of theme nights: “serata pugliese” (specials dishes from Puglia region) or also Sunday “fuoritutto” (she starts cooking every food she has in the fridge and she offers a menù in base of the dishes). Fra.Mar.Tina restaurant, when Italy was in lockdown, was one of very fiew restaurants in the city that delivered its dishes directely at our homes; that help us to enjoy our cookery tradition and to keep our spirits up during the quarantine.

My favourites

I tried a lot of dishes at Fra.Mar.Tina but I have my personal ranking:

  • antipasto del pittore (starter with seafoods, fruits and vegetables)
  • risotto alle castagne, funghi e fonduta (risotto with chestnuts, mushrooms and fondue)
  • tartare
  • linguine zenzero e limone (linguine ginger and lemon)

…these are the dishes I like most.

Raimbow of desserts

Tina prepares a lot of superbs desserts:

  • cakes
  • desserts with chocolate
  • desserts with fruits
  • desserts with cream
  • cheesecakes
  • pannacotta

…each dessert is a pleasure for the mouth and a true beauty for the eyes.

How to reach Fra.Mar.Tina

Restaurant Fra.Mar.Tina is located in Cocquio Trevisago, very close to the Cocquio Trevisago Shopping mall.

If you want to try a really tasty italian kitchen and see all these dishes with your own eyes, you must reserve a table at Fra.Mar.Tina’s restaurant. Looking for more information about dishes and menù? Click here for Fra.Mar.Tina website.

Call, sit down and enjoy your dinner!


Ristorante Fra.Mar.Tina

Adress: Via Roma 74, 21034 Cocquio-Trevisago (VA)

Opening hours: from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 18.00 to 24.00. Monday closed.

Tel:+39 349 39 57 597



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