Xing Italy by train

Italian Railway Network

Italy has an extended railway network but I have never crossed the country by train: this is gonna be the first time. I always move by car because it is much more faster than waiting trains that_sometimes_are in late or also cancelled. The italian Railway Network is called Ferrovie dello stato (or also trenitalia) and it has connections with all the most important italian cities. Generally, tickets are not expensives; the most high prices are for Frecciarossa and Italo, which are the high speed italians trains. Frecciarossa train is fast: it reaches Rome (from Milan) in about 3 hours and thirty minutes.

Why the train?

I’m planning to explore the country by train because I don’t want to spend time in driving my car and pay a lot of money to leave it in some parking around in the cities. Plus, I don’t really want to pay the motorways that are becomed more and more and more expensives than ever. This is- more or less- the travel I’m planning to do:

I’m not sure about Naples and Pompei, depends of much money I will pay for all the trains and hotels. Basically I will depart from Milan and the first stop will be Verona; Venice will be the next. I was thinking also about Bergamo but I dont’ know…maybe I will stop there in the way back. After Venice I’m planning to stop in Bologna, Florence and Siena. I’m not sure of how many days I will stay in all these cities, I don’t really know. The next stop will be the capital, Rome. I’m planning to leave soon…actually I was thinking about tomorrow. XD

it is always time to travel


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