Lockdown, again

Hi there, here we are. A new italian lockdown; this one is not like the first one: they called the “light lockdow”. I had planned an italian trip by train but the situation is changed in only few weeks, so I had cancelled the whole travel. And it’s sucks. I’m actually tired of all this situation. In nine moths of national emergency, the governement did not anything real and concrete. The news on TV says that hospitals are full. If you are covid positive, you must call the green number or the ATS number, but nobody’s answer. If you want to do PCR test, is not possible: services are suspended, and here a new question: how do you know you are positive if you can’t do PCR test? All surgical interventions are postponed; 18 millions of visits and treatments, have been cancelled. This is the situation now.

18 millions of visits have been cancelled.

The new lockdown is not the same for all the italians regions: there are red zones, yellow zones and green zones. Regions in the red zones are closed and it is possible to leave home only to go at work or for emergencies. Restaurants, bars, shops, museums…everything in the red zone is now closed for almost 15 days. All these restrictions are absurdes. I know a lot of people super careful, always with masks and hands sanitizer and now are in quarantine with covid.

The new lockdown: red/yellow/green italians regions

How about you? How about the situation in your countries? Do you have any restrictions? Let me know in the comments, if you want. I’m waiting for a full normal life; I’m very tired of this.

it is always time to travel

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  1. The situation in our country is improving day by day unlike the other countries which are into lockdown again. Hope we don’t see second wave after all the ones.

    "Mi piace"

    1. Karen Gandini ha detto:

      Are you from India, right?

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      1. Karen Gandini ha detto:

        I hope you and your family are doing well. I also hope that this situation will change soon. 🤞

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      2. We are doing well. Yes, this situation needs to change asap. Hope you are doing good too.

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  2. vaticanhotline ha detto:

    Where I live (S. Korea), the situation has been handled really well, which, to be honest, was really surprising-Koreans have a kind of chaotic way of doing things that you wouldn’t expect to be effective in handling an emergency situation. But they built an infrastructure for testing, tracing, and quarantining in a couple of months, and what lockdown we did have (February to April) was pretty limited. There are still new cases every day, but it’s stayed below the level of 150 pretty consistently for months. Ireland, where I’m from, and other European countries, really made a mess of this one.

    Keep safe, and be careful.

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    1. Karen Gandini ha detto:

      I think Europe did not make enough. All these lockdown are unnecessary but only dangerous for people and economies. I know a lot of people sick despite masks and everything…Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      "Mi piace"


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