Christmas in Lombardy

This time of the year is normally characterized by markets, stalls and cities completely decorated for Christmas in every part of the world. Every year in Lombardy there are a lot of Christmas markets, except unfortunately, for this year. But where to find Christmas markets and stalls? Let’s go to discover the major places to have fun and to buy presents, food and Christmas decorations.

Fiera Oh bej! Oh bej! Milan, Sforzesco Castle

The Oh bej Oh bej Fiera is the traditional Christmas market in Milan; it starts from 7th december and it stays for one week. The Oh bej Oh bej market is one of the historical events in Milan: the origins of the market are around 1288; it is changed during the years and nowadays it is a typical place to have fun and buy gifts. There are also the street food stalls. Oh bej Oh bej market was historically ubicated in Piazza dei Mercanti (close to the Cathedral) but now is located in the Castle Sforzesco Area and it is free.

Oh bej Oh Bej (Photo by Milanoincontemporanea)

Christmas markets at the Milan Cathedral

From the beginning of Decembre, there are also stalls around the Cathedral; here as Oh Bej Oh Bej, there are a lot of products, from foods to wines, from Christmas decoration to clothes. You can find everything you want. Very close to the Dome there is the “Rinascente” store which, at the top, every year has beautiful Christmas decorations for your house. Don’t forget to visit the Galleria and the Swarovsky Christmas tree.

Artigiano in fiera, Milan Expo Area

Artigiano in fiera is probably the biggest Christmas market in Italy: is located at the Expo Area and it has exibithion divided by “country”. Yes, you understand very well: each pavillion is completely different from the other and it has stalls from Europe, Americas, Asia and so on. It is extremely big and it is impossible to visit all the exibithion in one day. Here you can find practically everything. I mean EVERYTHING. From the Indian silks, to the Peruvian alpaca, from the American plaques to the Japanese tea. This market start every year aproximately the first week of December; the entry is free but the parking costs around 15,00 € for all day. Bring with you a bagage or a big bag because you want really to buy everything. Inside the pavillions there are also a lot of restaurants where you can try every countries special dishes: from the typical Italian kitchen to the Spanish paella, the asado from Argentina, bretzel and beer from Germany, crêpes from France and more. I literally love this place and I go there every year (except this year because the Fiera has not been organised and it is online only). Everything you need to know about the Artigiano in fiera (how to get there and other information) is on the website. 😉

Como, Città dei Balocchi

Como, the nice and famous city facing the homonym lake, organize every year one of the most beautiful Chistmas event here in Lombardy: “Città dei balocchi“; I don’t know how to translate this in English…”the city of toys” is not really appropriated…By the way, the city and his historical centre is completely decorated with lights, stalls, markets; there is also an ice skating ring and all bars and restaurants have tables outside in the square to allow to drink something hot and enjoy the lights at the same times. The atmosphere is really pleasant.

Varese Markets

Also in my city there are Christmas markets: one of them is located in Piazza Montegrappa and the other is organized in “La Rasa”. They are very little compared to the others in Milan and Como, but they are equally very nice. To have another amazing Christmas atmosphere, go visit the Giardini Estensi in Varese city centre: the gardens are always decorated with lights.

Me and some friends at Varese Piazza Montegrappa Christmas markets

Le lucine di Leggiuno (Leggiuno’s Lights)

Until the last year we had also another beautiful event in the little village of Leggiuno: the lights of Leggiuno; it was a sort of Santa Claus Village, with stalls and lights. I don’t know if the event will be repeated in the future. It was very nice, especially for the kids.

The lights of Leggiuno (Photo by Varesenews)

I hope for the next year to have an amazing Christmas and to enjoy again the Christmas markets.

it is always time to travel

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  1. Sheree ha detto:

    Everywhere’s looking very festive

    "Mi piace"

    1. Karen Gandini ha detto:

      Yes it was..unfortunately not this year. The Lombardy government has only decorated with lights and Xmas trees the major cities but nothing more. No markets and no Xmas atmosphere this year. 😦 We hope for the next.

      Piace a 1 persona

      1. Sheree ha detto:

        Yes, we’re a bit light on decorations too

        "Mi piace"

  2. fravikings ha detto:

    Artigiano in Fiera e Oh Bej erano le mie due tappe fisse 😦 dovremo aspettare l’anno prossimo!

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. Karen Gandini ha detto:

      Non me lo dire..soffro terribilmente!! Aspettavo di poter comprare i magnifici datteri dell’Iran…e invece niente.. 😦 Speriamo per il prossimo anno!

      Piace a 1 persona

      1. fravikings ha detto:

        Io la croque francese 😦 😦

        "Mi piace"


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