Kosoan: traditional japanese teahouse

Hello everyone! It’s a long time that I don’t write an english article, so here I am. So sorry, I would like to install a languages plug in, and I think I will. Sooo, I’m here today to talk about an amazing place here in Tokyo; well this place it is not located in Tokyo city center, it is outside in a nice area called Jiyugaoka. I am talking about the japanese teahouse Kosoan.

Kosoan it is a very traditional japanese teahouse; it is not easy to spot where it is located because the teahouse is hidden inside a little japanese garden. This teahouse has two rooms: one is little and the other is big. The menu is composed by different drinks: they have hot tea, matcha, coffee and so on. Prices are not so high and they have menu in japanese and english as well; the menu changes in base of the season.

I tried the matcha cappuccino and it was really sweet; usually they give a little sweet or a little cookie with the drink you order (in my case they were two cookies with azuky). The price of the matcha cappuccino was around 900 yen (7,00 euros), but the places is so nice and so traditional that sometimes, I am happy to pay this price, just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Inside the teahouse there are ancient objects, dolls, swords and painting. All the stuffs (as tables and furnishing) are in japanese style. Before access to the teahouse, it is important to take off the shoes because there is the tatami on the floor.

How to reach Kosoan

Kosoan teahouse is located in Jiyugaoka (Meguro); to reach Jiyugaoka is very simple: take the Tokyo metro Fukutoshin line until Shibuya then stay on board at the same train that become Toyoko Line. The stop is Jiyugaoka station.

it is always time to travel


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